Monday, February 11, 2013

Injury Update

February 11, 2013

I'm happy to report that I am running regularly after being sidelined by my piriformis strain.   I'm uncertain if it was the treatment, just time, or both, but it has slowly improved over the weeks.  Either way, I'm quite happy to be able to get out there and run again.  While it is still not 100% and I still feel it much of the time, it does seem to hold up to fairly tough runs.  Long runs and tough workouts do stress it, but it seems to heal pretty well. 

My fitness is coming back fairly well although I have definitely lost some endurance. I just don't have the ability to finish off a big workout at the same intensity that I did a year ago.  I'm confident I will gain it back soon though.  I'm not planning to do any racing until April at least.  This is both to make sure I don't overdo it and re-injure myself and also to get myself back into a level of fitness not too far off from where I was last year. 

Stay tuned.  I hope to have new races to report on in a couple of months.

Happy running!


sarah said...

Hi Shane!
I came across your blog and thought you might be interested in learning about what fellow west coast runner Linda Wong is doing:

Feel free to sign up for it, and please help us spread the word to other's in the running community.

Madalyn Oconnell said...

I’m glad to hear that you are able to run again! There is nothing like getting back on the pavement and feel the rush on your veins while running! But be sure to check with your doctor. Even though you are not feeling any pain now, there is a high chance that it might come back with a more intense pain and damage. Also, take your time and build up slowly. Let your muscles get acquainted first before doing serious running.


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