Monday, July 6, 2009

Hornby Island

July 4-5, 2009

If you only read my blog you may get the sense that I do nothing but race. For the first time, here is a non race related post. Sonja and I went to Hornby Island last weekend. Horby has some pretty interesting topography and vegetation variations. More than 30% of the island is protected and these areas boast some great running and mountain biking trails. We would do a bit of both. Fellow Harrier, Gary Duncan was good enough to host us and show us the best trails while we were there. Thanks Gary!

For the first time, I also played around with taking some video while running. If you have ever tried to do this while on a trail (especially somewhat technical ones) you will know that it is challenging. Trying to hold the camera still while keeping the runner in front in the frame and also paying attention to your footing adds a bit of difficulty. They are not going to win any video contest, but hopefully will be somewhat interesting. It is proving difficult to upload some of the larger videos so I'll post some now and more later (with some photos as well).

Sonja, Gary and I (taking the video) running in Helliwell Provincial Park

Running on the High Salal to Halliwell trail just outside Helliwell Provincial Park

More fun on the High Salal with Gary holding the camera

Sonja coming down Mr Toad's Wild Ride trail near Mt. Geoffrey

Sonja on "The Way"

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