Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Review and Plans for 2011

I realize that we are are already 2 weeks into 2011 so I am a bit behind the eight ball on this post, but I thought it was still worth getting a few things down about my running in the last year and mention a few things about 2011. To keep it simple I'll post in point form.

Positives for 2010
  • Set modest personal bests at all distances that I raced in 2010 (3000m, 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, Half)
  • Hit the 33 min mark for 10K at the Times Colonist
  • Picked up wins in 3 trail races (Orcas Island 25K, Hallows Eve half, Stewart Mountain 10 Miler) and 2 relays as part of a team (Oak Bay Half, Thetis Lake 20K)
  • Raced well at the majority of other races
  • Trained pretty consistently
  • Started coaching other runners
  • Picked up my weekly mileage by a modest amount
  • Learned to like the track more than I thought I would
Negatives for 2010
  • Didn't get my road times down as much as I wanted (I would have liked to get into the meaty part of a 32 min 10K)
  • Had a few bad races near the end of summer probably due to insufficient training
  • Ended up with a mild to moderate case of plantar fasciitis which I am still battling. It has not greatly affected my running, but is a big nuisance.
All in all the positives certainly outweigh the negatives and 2010 was a pretty great year.

Goals for 2011
  • Qualify for the 2011 World Mountain Running Championships in Albania. This requires that I run exceptionally well at the Canadian Mountain Running Championships in Canmore Alberta so I have a chance to be selected for the Canadian Team.
  • To achieve my primary goal, I will need to do as much hill work as my legs will take and race as many hilly trail races as I can fit in. Some of the trail races that I already have plans to do are the Dirty Duo 25K, 4 or 5 Gutbusters (the schedule has not been posted yet), and Kusam Klimb.
  • If I could also set a few more personal bests in road races (I'm planning on doing 5 or 6 island race series races) that would be icing on the cake
  • Throw in an adventure race or two to keep things interesting. I'm also keen to try a 24-36 hour adventure race and/or a 24 rogane if I can fit them in.
  • Start coaching a few more runners and help them achieve their goals
  • Stay (mostly) injury free

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